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An Urf update! How wonderful! And also depressing!

Feels good to be back and depressing the hell outta people!

It’s like stepping on shit, and then shit steps on you!

YESSSS! Thank you so much for updating your comic again, it’s one of my faves!

Thanks Victoria. :)

And Mr Shit, I couldn’t have put it better myself.

Awesome, an update! I do love this comic.

Slight typo on one frame “gentically”

Thanks Chris. But that’s how they spell ‘genetically’ it on Urf.

(No really, thanks, I hate typos.)

This is a great one! So nice to get an RSS update for Urf!

That grinning, it’s so scary. D:

Reading SeeMikeDraw regularly, I didn’t noticed the absence of The Urf. But with this, I had these weird flashbacks with parquins all over (”No, you didn’t”). It’s really great to have news from The Urf (”No, it’s not”).

It’s great to see people kept the Urf feed after all this time. Sure, we went missing in the wilderness for nearly two years, but now here we are, like Tom Hanks returning to his wife in Castaway, except that we were busy working our jobs, and working on other cartoons at See MikeDraw and The Rut, and not talking to a volleyball like that mad bastard Hanks.

Wonderful thank you !

Awesome to see you back! I just figured I’d go through the archives once more so I come here and lo and behold - new stuff!

What Juan Pablo said…I though of parquins immediately. Welcome back!

Hooray, The Urf still turns! Thanks for the update.