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I would totally try a Ment-ORR — even at risk of getting the malfunctioning one yelling “KESS!” at me all day long, if there was an ever so slight chance of getting the dirty talking version.
It would probably be a good thing if it told me when to finish my sentences, too.

But what if you got one that sounded like Barry White talking dirty? Kinda risky if you ask me.

After seeing that poor “kess” guy I couldn’t help laughing out loud anymore. :D

holy shit this shit is funny

This shit is so funny I ask myself when will we be seein more of this shit?

This is so funny, I couldn’t stop giggling, when reading it at work. My boss, who sits a desk away looked up curiously, I pretended, it was a hiccup. I wouldn’t mind being the guy whose Ment-orr took on the sultry lady’s voice. Looking forward to read more of this stuff.

Solar Power Guy, and I do hope you get this message even though it has been over a year, I feel the same way. I believe we may have lost these three, if you look at all their blogs….I believe we, the fans, have been left without closure. Adrift in a sea of all too familiar comic strips…reading them over and over and waiting for some sign or the return of our faith…
We’re kind of a lot like christians really…

this here is really funny…. (as advised by Ment-ORR :))

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History has imprinted tinghs in people’s minds that they dont forget Which means due to all the racism of yesteryear some people still think some tinghs of certain people

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To think, I was confused a minute ago.

Why do I bother calling up people when I can just read this!

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Your article perfectly shows what I needed to know, thanks!

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