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Parqy and Me.

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Hahaha, great!! Man, too long since your last strip! Hope we won’t have to wait so much for next (feel happy with the new one at the rut, too :) )

Pooks, sorry, was NOT supposed to have a URL as my name there, that was meant to just say KAVEY. Am NOT a spammer I promise.

I was just thinking about this comic today! Great to see it’s return! :-)

Hey guys, thanks for the comments. And thanks for your patience! :)

More to come, so stay tuned…

Awesome! This site has been in my online comic favorites for months and I have been visiting it daily always hoping for a new strip but never really expecting it; and tada there it is.

Keep up the good work; I’m definitely looking forward to see more!

I’m so glad you’re back! And this new strip is great, too. :D