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Is it a coincidence that the God head looks just like my face? If your answer is yes, then you are sadly mistaken. The secret unknown powers of the universe guided your hand to draw me on that rock.

you’re welcome?

I love you like my retarded triplet steps brothers.

PHIL: Right back at you, you ugly little monkey-man. :)

Hmm, the unsung hero over all might have it better than all those other flashy-tight-wearing-heroes. If some blue dressed red caped jerk flew by and punched that rock then he would eventually have to deal with a mob of religious fanatics. And nobody wants to deal with that. ever.

unsung hero : “oh, will my noble, selfless deeds for the good people of urf ever come to the light of day?”

parqlet, in u.h.’s lair, directly above the herophone: “no no no no no no no no…”

PHIL: lol, nice :)

Whether one believes in magic or big government conspiracy theories, the important thing is that life goes on.

Thanks for the comments as usual, guys. :)

You’ve covered the believers and non-believers, but what about the daydream believers?

To live the life of an unsung hero must be so testing. After all would a Spider Man fight crime without the press coverage? Probably not.

Keep up the great comics!

Whatever happened, I’m sure it was great…



post. some. new. shit. twatter!!

More soon I promise… have been doing a few cartoons over at The Rut just to keep things interesting, and Mike did some at seemikedraw too.

But I’ll get something up on Urf in the very near future, so do keep checking back!


Ok, I’ll keep cheking back XD

Hey, I miss you guys. Even if you published I’d buy (!) every new book. Come back!

Waiting patiently for an update :-(

Looks like Urf wasn’t saved given the months we’ve waited in agonising frustration for more

This thing has really come together nicely.

Very, very nicely.