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The History of Urf - The Battle of Shitscared Dude

I have heard tell of heroic poems and songs of yore written about this mythic dude’s saga. I believe I can recall one from memory…

The Dude Whot Pooed
by annonymous

“Listen Oh Urflings and you shall hear
Of the famous battle of this one Dude here,
None knew if he was noble, peasant, or serf,
But the Dude’s legend’s been told in all corners of Urf.
This Dude of One knew that he didn’t stand a chance
When he saw 700,000 reasons to crap in his pants.
So next time you fear and happen to soil yourself,
Think of the One scared-shitless dude who didn’t cry for help.”

I bow to you, sir. :)

Indeed Bill, your memory is remarkable :) But as with so many poems of yore, the details of this particular poem have been heroicised. The truth is he did cry for help. In fact he cried like a little girl.

Please don’t ever bow to me as we may bump heads, you are indeed the master of Urf and a continuing inspiration so I shall remain on bended knee, whoops I just shat myself. Really, I’m a big fan of your work.

The dude puts Achilles to shame if you ask me. If only we had some heros like this here on earth.

Thought it was gonna be a rip off of this, but pleasantly surprised

can you add the email subscription form?

this is wicked.

p.s.–phil, it pleased me immensely to see one of your “the rut” gems gracing the pages of adbusters magazine.

Thanks Dave, yeah was pretty stoked they asked! :)