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The History of Urf - Heraldry

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“The family crest of the poorly-bred BOHM clan”


Great! :D

Did the Holdens suffer from unfortunate, ring-like birthmarks as well?


Ummm....Spennot’s avatar

I am dissapointed in the inaccuracy displayed in this pitiful cartoon. From my…um… understanding of Urf history, the Spence clan weren’t “Completely naked”, they wore sandals!

They genetically have very delicate feet.

I officially love you guys. Your individual cartoons were great but this urf stuff is hilarious.

See, that’s why I come to your site to brush up on my Urf history. I was under the impression that the poorly bred BOHM clan was known for their ritualistic practice of beastiality with certain farm animals and their crest read “Fuck Ewe.” Shows you what I know. BTW, great cartoon as always.

Is Leader 10861’s graphic designer Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd?