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No doubt demand for hand models rose significantly after the later Poser models were introduced.

No genitalia and he still gets the chick… some guys have all the luck.

Dammit… washboard is extra, I don’t think I have enough money now.

BAAAAAAAAAAH ha ha ha !!

are you an early model?… that last panel is priceless. glad to catch a fresh nugget of urf, i’ve been jonesin’ bad.

Cheers for the comments. May your genitalia never be phased out.

But the female model has a mouth..

But you see, it’s lined with sandpaper.

So they’re like fully-grown anencephalic babies?

ah, so that explains that guy at the party I was at the other night. He was giving me (or at least it looked like it to my sapling eyes) a long, unbroken sensual stare. it was only after I stood up out of discomfort that I realized that he was giving the pot-pouri plant, that had been on the table behind my head, the same sensual stare too.
Great blog guys. your ideas are origional and extremely funny. ciao

Thanks Theo. :)
Just looked at some of your blog too… great stuff.