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The Unsung Hero

NOTE: Remember The Unremembered? Of course you don’t! Refresh your memory here:

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Simply awesome ;)

It made me laugh out loud.


I’m pretty sure I read today’s comic, but…I just can’t quite recall what it was about…

At least this hero won’t have an evil arch-nemesis remembering to plan his demise…lonely guy doesn’t even have an personal villain :(

Nice… I’d like to think that cop is about to beat those crooks with his nightstick.

Good one. xD

As no-one can remember whatshisname, I’d like to claim credit for everything going right on Urf. Please pass me my Indestruct-O-Bubble immediately.

Very Nice. :)

oh I like this for some reason, but I forget why.
People seem to forget heroes and remember the villains. Villains get all the t-shirt business.

Wait, didn’t whosywhatzit have a sidekick whatshisname? Who are we talking about now?

Hey, that was funny but a little bit sad, too :D… That’s strange, the Unsung Hero would like to be known by everybody and parquins would like not to be noticed by anyone (ugh, it was hard to translate my thoughts from Spanish to English… greetins from the North of Spain!)

Sorry I meant to say thank you for the comments sooner than this…

But I forgot.

Thank you. :)

Is there any possible way how to contact you guys?
I just created… [cough] … facebook page for this comic and I used [cough] part of you art for page photo…
I just really missed It a I want to share this webcomic with my freinds.
I tried to find any contact to get permission, but you don’t have here any.
Please contact me! I just want to be sure You don’t mind. If you do I will delete page immediately of course.

No that’s fine, Jakub, go right ahead. :)

If you could put a link to that would be awesome.


The urf is a unique blog that I have come across. Your imagination is worth a pat on your back. Every inch of content was interesting and I think I have become a regular reader of your blog.

You do amazing worked. The irony of real life seems to be in every picture