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The Indestruct-O-Bubble

NOTE: For further reading on the office of Leader, see

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Awesome :)

Also, attempting to find more info on this “flunky”, I realized you guys should add a search engine. Perhaps ?

Thanks J :)
And we’ll look into that search engine when we get a chance… and then find someone who knows how to make it go now.

I notice the children in the background shaved their birth beards into fashionable birth mustaches, very stylish.

So no state visits to anywhere with an incline of more than 1:10.

Keen eyes, Terry. :)

Dro-Mo, yes indeed, all parades are on level ground or downhill. Though not TOO steep downhill - several leaders have been lost through runaway Indestruct-o-bubble-related mishaps.

What happens if they fashioned bullets from the indestructable polymer.

It may be impervous to bullets, but what about a gigantic needle…?

Possibly an assasination attempt …?
Who knows …?

Surely it should be called the Indestructi-Ball?

You people are asking highly suspicious questions regarding potential weaknesses in the design of the Indestruct-o-Bubble. This represents a possible threat to the Leader’s security. The authorities have been notified.

PS. Indestructi-Ball was one of the names bandied about during the development phase of the Indestruct-o-Bubble… but it tested badly in the focus groups.

PPS. Thanks for the comments. :)

we have nothing to sphere but sphere itself.

I hate to burst your bubble but that’s the dumbest thing on Urf I’ve ever seen… that is, if I could ever actually burst your bubble.