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Now there’s a scary thought.

But isn’t that how the current tax system works here on Earth?

Only explanation for where all my money goes :-(

what? no urned income tax credit on urf?

I love the little necklace hanging out of the tax man’s briefcase, nice touch hehe.

Side note, I just noticed that the link in the comic is to the old wordpress site, not, just so you guys know.

Woops, thanks Victor! Glad one of us is on the ball.

And idecosupereco - indeed nice wordplay :)

idecosupereco: you taxed my thunder!

So that’s where all my cash went! Damn, I thought it was gnomes or gremlins or P.Diddy-lings.

I got taxed.

Urn tax? We already have it here in a roundabout way - its called Inheritence Tax.

@Solihull - yeah, the inheritance tax really can be a buzz kill.

Tax! tax! tax! everywhere! We can’t escape from it! We will just think that paying tax is just like paying a water to drink - Water is life so therefore…. TAX is life. Minisite Design

With its ninja tax collectors, Urf sounds an awful lot like Earth…oh, wait…I get it. :)

You know what, I honestly wouldn’t mind paying more taxes if they shifted the tax balance around, and of course I wouldn’t want tax ninjas to attack me in the middle of the night! But honestly, if the government used our money more wisely instead of subsidizing Wall Street and putting billions into Defense we would be much better off in the US. As much as I don’t like paying taxes, I would much rather pay my share and get my garbage taken care of, policing, fire stations and education than pay no taxes and have to pay a firetruck fee every time my fire alarm goes off and my private fire service has to come! The sad thing is, I almost long for the day of Clinton-era taxes.


The only 2 things that are guaranteed in life are death and taxes, but with advances in modern science perhaps we shall be rid of one!


This is a very good topic. Taxes are in important part of life, and though most people will complain about the high prices…it is necessary.