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a good one.


URFlings are so very very crude!

Is there any chance to develop intergalactic trade with Urf. I would like to help the poor urflings

I guess its all a matter of perspective, haha

I need to talk to the creator of this comic.
Anybody know where I can find him/her?

Those poor Urfling penguins.

At this time of year I find myself wondering how the urflings celebrate the holidays?

Pope Terry… hmmm… interesting… we will do some research and find out.


PS. Tommy, I did this one, email me at

PPS. Tommy, hang on… am I in trouble or something?

PPPS. Tommy, come to think of it… Mike did this one. Talk to Mike.

Fantastic. How on urf will these penguins succeed in life?

Hahaha, awesome
Please make more Urf comics!

what a great site.. very unique and attractive..

i really enjoy the comic. typo in 2nd paragraph on innovative, sorry to point it out, i’m not trying to be a jerk, but it’s funny how errors leak through in almost all texts.

Thanks Cloudtripper, but I put that typo there on purpose… I wanted to make sure people were reading the articles and not just looking at the pictures. Congratulations. You’re the first to pass!


What can we expect next? ,

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Los tirantes por debajo.Respecto al esmoquin sabes q yo no la veo de ninguna manera en una boda. El esmoquin es un traje de fiesta y no de ceremonia y una boda es una ceremonia. No me convence ninguna de las dos opciones. La pajarita negra es para el esmoquin. Si quieres vestir pajarita quizás le imprimiría un toque de color tanto al traje como a la propia pajarita…pero lo de traje negro con pajarita negra no me gusta. Un saludoEA

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