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The Unremembered.

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thank you for that, very moving.

It’s a bit sad…



Goddamnit I love this webcomic

To be positive, the “unremembered” never go on shooting sprees, crash oil tankers, or write crappy novels that you have to read in high school.
They are super-heroes incognito: their absence from the memory is just a clever ruse.
Mind control people; mind control!

Hei, could one of you guys please create a product page on Facebook?

dag. you’ve established having the funny dialed in, so now it’s time to bring the poignant, too? this one has my jaw hanging slack.

This is just amazing, a deeper-than-thought kinda thing…now we have an excuse for talking to ourselves! >_>

Ta for the comments all! Glad you liked the more poignant approach. Back to fart jokes next week. ;)

From Argentina
I’m your fan.

Just what every single person needs to read right before the holidays!
lol :)

You’re freaking geniuses.

How very true. This may explain why my foot is now fading away…

Thanks for the comments guys! :)
And sorry about the slow rate of updates… we will endeavour to get a new toon up soon.

I dedicated a 4 line poem to the urf (which says a lot because I don’t write poetry) :)

Viktor, fantastic… we love it. :)

From India.

A new fan. And a follower, now. :)


Cheers Shrikant, glad you like it! Stick around long enough and you’ll see we do actuaslly update… just a bit slowly… ;)

After reading your post, I feel sadness in my heart. You captured a universal truth, death is inevitable. We will all pass away until such time, that no one will ever remember us and the things we have did and contributed for this world. -Anastasia Gran, Volunteer, Golden Age Charity