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The Truth Fairy

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Another classic! XD

The Truth Fairy could visit a couple of people I know, but then again, they don’t exactly meet the requirements… :|

The truth fairy once left this strange message on my forehead: “The truth fairy doesn’t exist.”

Is the truth fairy related to God?

More proof that the truth is more trouble than it’s worth.

What’s the Truth Fairy got to say about the Ether Bunny?

is the truth fairy wearing a dress?

If the Truth Fairy were being completely truthful, he’d come clean about why he wears that outfit … and what he enjoys doing with that enormous pencil.

is this the truth?

Wow … that’s just dark

Tristan Hutchinson

Tristan Hutchinson’s avatar

its like a drawing from my own life………

ehehehh genius.

The truth fairy ruined my life. I woke up one morning with a note on my forehead:

“Nobody hates you. In fact, many people love you.”


damn that is so true it’s hilarious. Just think how many people actually feel this way, but can never say it.

@Harish - I hate to disappoint you man, but that was one of your sicko roommates.

You don’t qualify for the Truth Fairy’s visits.

And ain’t that the truth…

Awesome. I hope you’re going to make these into a book.

Nimish and Harish! One on one! Live this Friday night! Right here in the comments section of Urf! BE THERE!


Man have you seen his roommates? Dude, like, totally insane, like, dude, totally, you know what I’m talking about? like, you know what I mean man?

I love how the Truth Fairy looks like a burnout. Check out some new CARTOONS here:


Yeah, the similarities are scary. But I can vouch for Mike, he didn’t rip this off, I was there when he thought it up! It’s just a case of someone else having the same idea. It happens.

But thank you Clu, we appreciate your efforts to make us look like c*nts.

no problem
i really do like your guy’s work though
p.s. the simpsons have done EVERYTHING

Thanks Clu, appreciate it. :)

love your pink puppy!!!! sweet pages! I can’t seem to get you to come up in English but love your work!!!cheers, danathanks for enetirng my giveaway!

I was drawn by the honesty of what you write

AFAICT you’ve covered all the bases with this answer!

At last! Someone who understands! Thanks for posting!

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