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What a happy coincidence! I can sell you mine!

It’s the sports model, you can have it for, ooh I don’t know… say $12000? Ok, look, we’re friends, let’s make it $10000.

That No-Ped peddlar does have a catchy advertisement :)

Soon they’ll be selling accessories like “No-Ped” riding pants and “No-Ped” Boots, Shirts and Helmets…then won’t everyone look silly?

No-peds…. Do they have no-tercycles, too?
They’d perhaps be more for the biker-urfling types. You should totally make a post about biker Urflings!

hey! i own one of those!

Yeah tell me where mine is please, I can’t find it. And I have got to get to a date in about five minutes!!!

i love riding my no-ped while talking on my no-phone, which by the way is totally better than an i-phone! :)

Bill: So, essentially, a man in full No-Ped gear, out cruising on his No-Ped, would just be a naked man walking the streets. Frightening.

Unknown: Yes, there were No-tercycles. However, they faded into obscurity after they stopped the advertising campaign, and people forgot that they owned them.

Juan: don;t we all, Juan… don’t we all. :)
Red Kid, I’m sorry, I can’t help you. But I’m betting that if you’re a No-Ped kind of guy, then that is one HOT date you’re about to miss.

Lex: Just as well you have a no-Phone, because I know for a fact you have no-friends. ;)

i just crashed my no-ped in to a wall, and it doesn’t scratch at all, thank’s no-ped..

I tried painting mine a different colour… I think it worked.

The ad forgot, ‘environmentally conscious!’

I’m holding out for the hybrid No-Ped.

Here’s a little request: can you create something Urf-related that deals with Business Analysts? Yes, I am one of ‘those’. :D
PHIL: Douglas, we’ll run business analyst through the Urf Filter and see what comes out… ;)

I don’t think the No-ped is for me… I was looking for something more substantial :D

And yeah, URF beats xkcd hands down any day… By a zillion times!

This reminds me of LOLcat’s INVISIBLE BIKE :lol:

You guys really made my day! :D I really love your cartoons and can’t get enough of them. Please keep drawing.

p.s. how many kilometers to a gallon of gas for the no-ped? rising fuel costs here.

Very funny and well done. I never knew I was born with a no Ped.What a valuable vehicle to own.

I’m not good at choices. With so many models of nopeds to choose from I’m completely stuck.