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OTHER NOTE: Sorry for the long hiatus… We’ve been busy working on a project involving Urf that I won’t say too much about for fear of jinxing it. :) Stay tuned…

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The soulmites prefer Radiohead music by the way.

It was in last month’s Urf-E! Magazine.

maybe a silly question, but what is a parquin? google,, and my 4th grade teacher all refuse the word exists…


Check out the “further reading” link at the bottom of the soulmites article for information on the parquin.


Funny without the parquin, and epic with.

I agree with Viktor.

Even I’m recovering mentally depressed, I found myself howling madly to this.
So hilarious.
(I still wouldn’t show this to my psychiatrist - she would probably change my diagnosis.)

Hey I’ve got them… oh wait thats just head lice

I, too agree with you Viktor

There’s probably something wrong with the fact that bugs devouring the inside of a person makes me laugh so hard.


fidgetrainbowtree’s avatar

i’m with yatski on this one!