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haha, great. but i guess they need shades and long sleves, cause they are not used to sunlight.

20 Years ago cartoons like this were poking fun at lone Rambo-aholics.
Now at least we have advanced to a more community orientated madness.

How can I become a Gamer?
Great post!

Ha Ha ! The eyes are hilarious !!!
I love the look on the rescued
girl’s face as well !!! LOL !!!

They are truly a mighty force to be reckoned with…

You know, the thing that upsets me most about this post is that Mike modelled that main character on me.

I thought it was quite flattering!

n00bz LOLZ!!!!!

Always take out the sniper in the top left window first…. Novices.

The “Urf” is once again safe from evil doers. Will they never learn there is no hiding from the gamey ones :)

I am proud to save Urf from evil everyday. And it feels great to be recognized! :D

The caricatures are amazingly entertaining.. The eyes espy :-)

After 5-6 hours of playing god-knows what game on the pc,my brother looks exactly like the guy in the cartoon

As an avid gamer…I’m moving to Urf where my true talents are feared and revered.

lol exploding barrels! excellent.

they’re way too thin - gamers are fat fuckers. they’d make much bigger holes in that wall.

that’s amazing

What a difficult cartoon to compose! And how much more difficult to conceive, you twisted bastid. I applaud your decision to join forces and together realize a dystopia still more dystopic than our present one. Seriously, good and fascinating move. Can’t wait to follow the results…

All the Best,

Hugo, Series B, Version 7.9, with upgrade

Hugo, glad you’re on board! Your praise will not go unrewarded (somehow…I think…).

Congratulations on the upgrade. I hope it fixed that nasty bug.

Oh, did I forget to list the OBE?

You see, THAT was the upgrade. Or so I was told. O bother…

Mike, I like Hugo. Well, when I can understand him, anyway. :)

Your comics are awesome!
Just found them for the first time…going to check religiously from now on!


As Mike knows, I like me too, when I can understand what I’m saying, anyway.

Usually I just wait until someone else takes the trouble to explain myself to me. Sometimes I like their explanations, too.

I learn a lot that way. About something.

good luck

They say gamers are the best suited for modern combat. Computer techs are in big demand on the battlefield these days

@ Kevin,
I wouldn’t be surprised if that were so. The games that you can find these days are just mind blowing. All that practice could be useful in real situations right?

Your comics really catch my attention. I’m a type of guy who is not fond of online gaming. What is it in gaming that gamers really love?