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The suck whistle.

Hahaha!! What the hell IS this? This sucks!!

In case you’re not a fan of the band Primus, “you suck” is also a term of approval between the band and their fans.

It looks a little like a “decorder”, but I could be wrong.

I agree with Red Kid, “This sucks!!” amazingly :)

I love your use of typography in your comics.

Keep it up!

Haha! Decorder. I like it. :)
And no, haven’t heard much Primus. Who is on lead decorder?

Thanks for the comments. :)

Hahahahhahaha OMG that’s hilarious

Wow! I have been an Urfling for many years without even knowing!

Bravo! You really suck :-)

You got me laughing!

Alright already! I won’t say it..

Nice work. I got to say though in his liver thats quite an inhale.

I wish I sucked… That would really suck!

I receive similar honors daily, I’ve never been to Urf and I don’t even own a whistle!

I just stumbled by and wanted to throw out an LOL!

- Margaret

Arg! I’ll say it, “This comic sucks!”

Thank you! You all suck!

I DO love the direction URF is going… Nothing beats ol’ good surreal humour… :)

On the planet Uerth, we call that a pipe!

I would like to point out that your writing is remarkably similar to that of douglas adams in “the hitchhikers guide of the galaxy”

I am not critisizing or saying you stole his writing form, I think this is an amazing and hilarious way to write and I love it. Urf is awesome!

Rick, glad you like, thanks mate. :)
Would you believe I’ve never read an entire DA book, but I have read bits and pieces. I’ve read a couple of Terry Pratchett books, too. You’ve gotta have your influences, right? :) Cheers