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The Armish.

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Not to be confused with the Mennon-thighs.

nobody fucks with the armish,they can trow cows and horses as a weapon!!

haha raised ranch. funny.

Also not to be confused with Tricep Buddhists.

damn, they are strong!! i bet Mr. Terminator of being one of these people.

Man your blog is so brilliantly funny. Added it right now to my favorites.
Keep on the good work!

Shit those Armish are pumped, is this thunder root available in stores.

That guy could get any chick he wanted - why’s he hanging out with that hoe?

mike that’s awful - we need more of puns

Yeah, yeah, that’s definitely raised enough!

I like a good-natured Amish joke as much as the next person, but it always seems a bit unsporting when they’ll never see it ;)

I believe Thunder Root is also a natural diuretic, no? Another great cartoon that is making planet Urf one of the most intriguing places in the universe. Good stuff!

your cartoons are so good, I think you should move Urf off the wordpress url and register your own domain. You’d probably be able to monetize it pretty well considering the quality of your content.

Bwahahaha! I will never think of barnraising the same way ever, ever again. This is some brilliant stuff here. What Viktor said.

The amish will be pissed when they see this.

Oh, er, nevermind.

I did not know that. thanks for the update

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