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Offline Box Forums.

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Do you happen to be left-handed, by any chance?

I do indeed happen to be left-handed! Freaky. You wouldn’t happen to be a psychic crime-solver would you?

Amazing! Considering you and Phil draw with your feet…
:P Reddit comments are nice for us audience. :D

For some reason this reminds me of an old conversation I witnessed while playing Warcraft. As usual, one person was spelling so badly most people could barely understand them, and someone pointed out their error, and a heated argument over the necessity of grammar/spelling/etc. (or lack thereof) ensued. To which someone issued one of my favorite quotes of all time:

“Capitalization is the difference between ‘I helped my Uncle Jack off a horse’ and ‘I helped my uncle jack off a horse.’”

Of course, it can be modified for punctuation if you’re speaking out loud: “…the difference between ‘I helped my Uncle, Jack, off a horse” and ‘I helped my uncle jack off a horse.’”

At that point, pretty much everyone decided that was so damn funny that clearly that person had won, regardless of the audience’s actual position on the matter at hand.

That’s awesome Heather! Very clever. There really are a lot of people out there who can’t string together a coherent sentence. But what really gets me are the people who seem to make a full-time job of slagging off pretty much anything and everything they come across.

Don’t urfings have tv talk and phone-in shows?

I feel like kicking those boxes! They are so annoying! :O

The silent box in the foreground is obviously Solid Snake.

Atka Kevlarsjal

Atka Kevlarsjal’s avatar

At least you could kick the boxes in Urf. Not in the forums… Great one!

I’m still trying to figure out why Stavros thought you were lefthanded. I’m lefthanded, so everything looks normal. No backward slant on computers: not sure if that’s a good thing or not :)

Though, in offline box forums, the lack of showering would be a dead give away for some…

Also, I wonder what Urf box socials look like…

hey Phil..

Wat fun and creations with ur pencils :p, left hand…;) and a Brain..
It was really nice that I came across ur blog!!

Do u know there’s an Article in HT (hindustan times, India) about your Rut (
–? …that was how I read about ur blog with my mornin tea and paper..and here I am..sending u this link to check out!!

Hope that inspires to GIVE us more!!:-p

Nikki, I’m afraid Phil’s a mere right-hander. It is true that he has a brain, but it’s about the size of a walnut. A very small walnut too. I am the left-hander in question - we actually share this site. But even with my amazing left-handed super powers, I must concede that Phil has made it in the Hindustan Times and I have not.

Nikki, thanks for letting me know about the article! That’s very cool, and yes, very inspiring too. :)
Mike: go help your uncle jack off a horse.

OMG…. You’re in HT?

The heck! I don’t get that paper in South India - it’s a terrible paper, but still this makes me homesick.

I hate you guys. :’(

heh. i laughed quite good in my online offline box :D

Phil was in the Hindustan Times? When? I don’t read the newspapers except rarely and even then it’s The Hindu or The Times of India. Damn. Good on ya, Phil.

Brrrillianttt Simply!

You know, you could use those boxes to treat internet withdrawal symptoms during thunderstorms. I imagine it would be oddly comforting.

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i hadn’t heard that before, heather. that’s hilarious and makes the point very well. there was that book a few years ago too…

Eats, Shoots & Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation

there’s obviously a big different between
“eats shoots and leaves” and
“eats, shoots and leaves”

but it’s still sadly lost on a lot of folks.

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