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The Discomfort Tree.

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ehehehe Very good :)

oh god. The Venus flytrap on viagra


therantingstudent’s avatar

Wow. The pollination process seems painful.

ewwwwwww hahaha
thats awsomely funny


I hope the trees don’t get to know this idea….. what the heck do you know….. the things might evolve :) LOLZ

I’m sure a lot of people would want to have the discomfort tree in their gardens….

Thank goodness it’s not a cactus.

Haha, THAT is one kind of a special tree!

Imagination in overdrive ;-).

I loved it. More, please.


problematic76’s avatar



pinstripebindi’s avatar

This should have been the plot of The Happening.

Oh my god, it’s terrifying :P

Some might like a discofort tree.

Celebritys should use it to scare off fanboys/girls ;)

Urge to defecate! ;) hahaha, really nice :S

Well, this certainly explains the abrupt end to my last camping trip, that’s for sure…

HAHA I love this. Its disgusting and hillarious all at once!

I thought your comics were cool until I saw this crap. Perhaps you have some hidden urge to get fucked up the ass?

Budda… I sense you are troubled. Did a tree do bad things to you when you were little?

This one is GOLD….

Budda Magoo you are quite obviously a raging homo. Dont fight it brother, let the tree in