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Leader 87,396

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skywalkerismydaddy’s avatar

Procrastitron scares the bejeezus out of me

On Earth we call them restaurant managers.

Love the new comic!

“procastitron has never followed up on his threats”

This one is absolutely brilliant, I’m highly impressed.

My favorite leader was leader 84,505. Now I know he was no 84,504 but he did have a keen sense of humor despite his club foot. Did you have a favorite? Just curious.

Ah, the club foot. Who could ever forget that club foot, and the giant boot that concealed it? So ugly and misshapen… and yet it went on to become Leader 84,505. A truly inspiring story.

My personal favourite was Leader 54,678. His laws requiring the deactivation of all of Urf’s escalators was solely responsible for giving the entire population of Urf sculpted, shapely arses for a period spanning many years.

(PS. thanks for the kind words :) )

What about lead 69,312?
Who left a legacy of lawfulness, legislature, litigation and alliteration. The man who ended J-walking on Urf, simply by eliminating the letter J from the alphabet.

I found myself really wanting a “procrastination will attack tomorrow” poster, i might make one, but tomorrow cos o cant be arsed right now.