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Debt Zombies.

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lol zombies have debt woes too

It was said, things guarateed in life are death and taxes. Not debt. We choose in life to RIP or become debt zombies.

This is awesome :D Like it even more than the usual.

Excellent sturf. I’m liking Urf a lot.

Funny cartoon. Makes you think.

There are too many people walking around debt zombies already. Have you seen some of these folks? They work and work and work to pay off their debt, and because of all the work, they have no life. sad sad sad.


Sarah Higgins

Sarah Higgins’s avatar

Ha! Nice :D

Haahhahaha. Favourited!


grandeurliving’s avatar

This is the reason I make sure I don’t owe anybody for anything.

absolutely brilliant. Thanks for making me laugh.

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