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“and then I just licked my balls until they hurt”


Awww give hime a cheezburger you heartless bitch!

I wish I was a dog… :/

it’s cute =)))


skywalkerismydaddy’s avatar

“and then I just licked my balls until they hurt”

Is that even possible? I’m asking for a friend.

Haha! I love that vacuous look on the cat’s face.

LOL!!! |=)
you are the best… one of the funniest…

I has a good laugh!

Wow…”It smelled really bad and then I ate it anyways and I just licked my balls until they hurt.” That’s my small tarrier dog down to a T. LOL, loved the cartoon! Keep up the good work.

hahahahahah AWESOME!

I can’t understand why everyone loves that “I Can Has Cheezburger” site with all the cat pictures. Goes over my head I guess.


petmemorialworld’s avatar

Makes you wonder what they would be saying about us…

haha!! I got to show this to my friend, he’s gonna love this!

oh, you are just encouraging them,
They’ll do even more damn lolcatz now!

lol this is funny

Awesome one, Mike.

Very nice lol.
I shall return : )

That was very funny! :)

Hilarious. I love the demented looking cat.

I know what those fucking cats can do with their fucking cheeseburgers.

You pretty much have the dog down pat….accept you forget to mention after he finishes licking his ‘boys’ he then will then move on to a ‘face’…meaning his owners!! lol

I is laughing my tits off … Poster … must has poster size of this …. I can has poster?

That is funny! I especially like the cat. LOL!

Cats and cheezburgers crack me up all the time! Just look at that cat’s face. LOL!

Cheeseburger is spelled wrong…

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